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Latest News

  • 01.01 - Twenty Years of Olive Oil, 1997 to 2017

    We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Today's the start of the new year and 2017 marks our twentieth anniversary in business here in York. Since the York Olive Oil Company was established in 1997 we've built our press to serve olive growers from..

  • 04.09 - Champion Ice Cream Again!

    The results are out for the 2016 Perth Royal Dairy Show and the York Ice Cream Company's Jarrah Honey ice cream has been awarded Champion Ice Cream! That's Champion Ice Cream two years in a row. Our Espresso Ice Cream also won a Gold Medal, top in its..

  • 20.03 - Olive Season, 2016

    Mary the Ice Cream Monster would like to take a short break from devouring all our stocks of York Ice Cream (Nutella flavour in particular) to tell all olive growers that our press will be starting up after Easter to press the new season's olive oil...