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Kampot Pepper from Cambodia – Now Available

Pepper is just pepper, right? Maybe so if you are using the stale old stuff from the supermarket. Definitely not the case if you try fresh, vacuum-packed Kampot pepper newly imported direct from the growers in Cambodia. Grown in the area since the 13th century, Kampot peppers stand out by their unique flavours. They develop a range of sweet pungent tastes, fruity aromas and exceptional flavours on the tongue. Kampot peppers have been selected by chefs and foodies as some of the best peppers in the world.

We couldn’t find anyone importing this pepper into Australia so we are importing it ourselves.¬†Pepper berries all grow on the same plant, but are harvested or processed at different stages of maturity; we are importing the Black, Red and White varieties of Kampot pepper.

Black Kampot Pepper 100g

100g vacuum-packed Black Kampot Pepper

Black pepper is harvested by hand in February, when the ripe bunches are then cleaned and sun-dried for two to three days. Kampot black pepper develops both strong and delicate aromas; its taste is very intense and mild at the same time, with hints of eucalyptus and fresh mint. It is best enjoyed freshly-ground onto grilled meats, fish and salads.

Red Kampot Pepper 100g

100g vacuum-packed Red Kampot Pepper

Harvested by hand at full maturity in March, when the peppercorns ripen on the vine and turn red, the peppercorns are cleaned and then sun-dried. The Region’s flagship product, Kampot red pepper develops powerful fruity aromas. Its taste is unique, less spicy than black pepper, with sweet notes of red fruit and honey. This is the one to use on sweet dishes and desserts and its delicate aromas accompany strawberries and pears in particular.

White Kampot Pepper 100g

100g vacuum-packed White Kampot Pepper

White pepper is the result of the transformation of red pepper, developing its unique taste from fully-ripened red peppercorns which are soaked overnight in water. The outer coat is then removed and the resultant white peppercorns are finally sun-dried. Kampot white pepper develops both a powerful bouquet and delicate aromas. Its intense, spicy taste conceals hints of lemon and fresh herbs. It is best enjoyed freshly-ground onto grilled or steamed fish.

For further information on Kampot pepper, its history and the plantation please take a look at their website:

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