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Processing Your Olives

We have been contract processing olives using our Pieralisi press since 2002, for growers from as far away as Albany, Margaret River, Kalgoorlie and Esperance,  all the way up to Geraldton.

It is a two-phase process, meaning no water is added to your olives, which produces superior quality oil with a higher content of antioxidants.

This state-of-the-art press incorporates a separator at the end of the line which removes excess sediment and moisture, a key factor in ensuring a longer shelf life.

Our clients regularly win awards and over the years we have helped a few reach ‘Best of Show’ at the Perth Royal Show.

Arnaud and Jenny, both olive growers, understand the challenges faced at harvest time and will assist you to achieve the best results.

The York Olive Oil Co. has always been very flexible, and has accepted batches as small as 8kg up to 17 tonnes – there is no minimum quantity required.

We cater for the hobbyist with one or two trees and at the same time can satisfy the strict requirements of commercial growers with 5,000 trees.

It is preferable that you book at least a week in advance as we are very popular during the processing season.  But don’t despair if things go pear-shaped; we have been known to work around the clock to assist ‘stranded’ olive growers.

We have a limited number of ventilated crates (small 15kg, large 300kg) available for use free of charge.

We can also supply all the containers required to transport and store your oil from 2 litre PET bottles to 20 litre plastic drums and even 1000 litre pallecon bladders.

Don’t hesitate to contact Arnaud or Jenny on 0429 412 200 or email us, to discuss your plans for the coming olive harvest.

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