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Useful Information

At the York Olive Oil Company we are passionate about Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Here are some interesting facts about the olive and the delicious and versatile oil it produces.

  • The olive is a fruit and Olive Oil is a fruit juice.
  • To be Extra Virgin, Olive Oil must be mechanically extracted (no heat or chemicals) and it can carry no defects from ageing, incorrect pressing or storage.
  • Your home-pressed orange juice is another Extra Virgin fruit juice, and like Olive Oil, does not remain Extra Virgin for too long.
  • When purchasing Extra Virgin Olive Oil, look for a date of harvest or date of pressing.  ‘Best before’ dates (if present) mean nothing as they are not legally required or regulated.  The same applies to the old-fashioned terms “Cold Pressed” and “First Pressing”.
  • The shelf-life of a good, fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil is about 2 years from the date the fruit was crushed.
  • Bitterness in an Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not a defect; it is caused by naturally-occurring antioxidants.  Robust or early styles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil contain more.
  • Remember, Olive Oil does not age well (unlike some good wines).  Freshness is absolutely the most important factor to consider when buying Olive Oil for optimum flavour and health benefits.

If you would like more information, please contact us at the York Olive Oil Company on 0429 412 200 or email us.