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Processing Charges

2023 will be our 22nd consecutive year of processing olives. Our Pieralisi EFFE 3 Decanter can handle even the most difficult olives, so be assured that the best possible results will be achieved with your olives.

At the York Olive Oil Company, we have successfully processed batches as small as 30kgs of olives, with yields of over 25%.  There is no minimum quantity of olives required but a minimum charge applies.

For the 2023 season, the minimum charge per batch (applying to any batch less than 350kg) is $177 + GST ($195 GST inclusive).

Base rate (up to 999kg): $510 per tonne + GST
1 to 2 tonne batches: $470 per tonne + GST
2 to 4 tonne batches: $445 per tonne + GST
Over 4 tonne batches: $425 per tonne + GST

Example A: You bring 100kg of olives; we charge $195 including GST (minimum charge)
Example B:
You bring 500kg of olives (half a tonne); we charge $255.00 (which is 0.5 x $510) + GST = $280.50
Example C:  
You bring 2.3 tonnes of olives; we charge $1,023.50 (which is 2.3 x $445) + GST = $1,125.85

Please note:

A batch is a quantity of olives that needs to be processed separately.  For example, if you bring 4 x 200kg batches of different varieties that need to be processed separately, you will be charged 4 x the minimum charge (4 x $195 = $780).  However, if your olives are processed together in a single 800kg batch, the charge will be $448.80.

It is absolutely essential that you book at least one week in advance as we are very busy during the processing season.  A 1.5% surcharge applies to credit card payments.

Bottling Your Oil
At the York Olive Oil Company we can also filter and bottle your oil. We will quote a fixed price depending on your individual requirements and the quantity of oil. We can supply all the necessary packaging materials including bottles (in various sizes), capsules, caps and cardboard boxes.

We have available for sale, plastic and stainless steel containers for the proper storage of your oil.

If you would like more information about our processing and bottling services, please contact us on 0429 412 200 or email us.