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Twenty Years of Olive Oil, 1997 to 2017

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Today’s the start of the new year and 2017 marks our twentieth anniversary in business here in York. Since the York Olive Oil Company was established in 1997 we’ve built our press to serve olive growers from across the state, branched out into jams and marmalades, ice cream, real wood-fired bread and a few other things. Along the journey we’ve won multiple awards for our olive oil, jams and ice cream, all made on the premises using traditional artisanal recipes and methods and always, always the very best ingredients. We never outsource production so we retain absolute control over the quality of our products.
Twenty years of hard work but there’s been a lot of fun, laughs and satisfaction along the way, and many good friends. Thanks to everyone for your business over the past two decades and we wonder what the next twenty years will bring?


York Olive Oil Now in 2017

Now and Then. Matt, Mary, Jenny and Arnaud as we are now in 2017


York Olive Oil Then 1997

Now and Then. Matt, Mary, Jenny and Arnaud as we were then back in 1997.